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Writing a drunk character

A man’s true char­ac­ter comes out when he’s drunk.” - Char­lie Chaplin

Writing or RPing a drunk character can be quite a difficult thing, especially if you’ve never been drunk yourself. I gathered these few links in case you’d need help with this -just like I did-. Hopefully this will help some of you, and you’ll be able to make your character drink, and keep it realistic!

Oh, and my little piece of advice on this: don’t try to slur the words! Just say ‘he was slurring his words’ or something to that effect - otherwise it becomes difficult to read and understand for the reader. Hopefully all of this helped some of you dearest writers!

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Character Card | Name Card (Mediafire, .PSDs)

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Textures, fonts, and coloring used do not belong to me. If you would like to receive credit for any of the above, send me a message.

If anything gets broken or if the files aren’t working properly, let me know.

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Picspam tutorial



Requested by anonymous

How to make something like this: (from thispost)


This won’t be really precise because I didn’t save the psds of every screencap and I’m sorry if they won’t look exactly the same as the original picspam.

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interview  (mf

for use on various interviews and youtube videos
contains vibrance and a b/w option
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do not take credit for work that isn’t yours

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  • Tutorial based on this gifs 1, 2, 3, 4 by clonewartspromo
  • I use Photoshop CS5
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  • More examples and techniques inside

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orphan black  (mf

for use on orphan black
contains vibrance and a b/w option
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do not take credit for work that isn’t yours

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tips on enhancing colors/color porn


alright so some people asked about how i get good colors and stuff and yeah im gonna teach you how to do the thing. there are two ways that i do this so yeah lets just get started


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psd 328 → (mf) (box)

→ contains vibrance. like the post if you download.

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Teen Wolf psd by artjunkpsds

  • You can also use on screencaps.
  • Works on other tv shows, check here (2BG) and here (BATB)
  • Do not claim it as yours.
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  • Download dA

Hey, did you like the sharpen too? You can download it here! Don’t know how to use? Click here.

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